About Fuelet Wallet

Fuelet is a non-custodial wallet dedicated to Fuel Blockchain. Non-custodial means that it doesn't have access to users' funds in any way. The only thing it does - it provides an interface to the blockchain.

It is currently available as a browser extension for Chrome-compatible browsers, and also as iOS and Android mobile apps.

Fuelet Wallet provides an API for dApps to communicate with it: get user accounts information, request transaction signing etc. Currently this API is supported in the browser extension only, but mobile support will come in future releases as well.

This documentation is intended for developers building applications on Fuel blockchain.

One of our top priorities is to make Fuelet Wallet easy to use for both users and developers. That’s why we’re sticking to the same wallet API as the official Fuel wallet provides - that way integrating both wallets in your applications is as easy as integrating any one of them.

If you have any feedback, please reach out to us either by email ( or on discord.

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