Detecting wallet presence

To begin integrating with Fuelet Wallet, you first need to install the packages @fuel-wallet/sdk and fuels.

npm install @fuel-wallet/sdk fuels

With these dependencies installed you're able to create a Fuel object to interact with any supported wallet on Fuel:

import {
} from "@fuel-wallet/sdk";

const fuel = new Fuel({
  connectors: [
    new FueletWalletConnector(),
    new FuelWalletConnector(),

To detect that Fuelet wallet is installed you need to specify FueletWalletConnector when creating an instance of Fuel and then check the status of the needed connector:

const fuel = new Fuel({connectors: [new FueletWalletConnector()]});
const connectors = await window.fuel.connectors();
const fueletWalletInstalled = connectors.find((c) => {
  return === 'Fuelet Wallet';
})?.installed ?? false;

See more on SDK documentation page.

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