Selecting Fuelet as a connector

Fuel SDK operates with entities called connectors. Each connector is a wallet application which implements the SDK interfaces. All needed connectors should be registered in the fuel object.

So, in order to interact with a specific wallet, you need to select the corresponding connector first.

Listing all available connectors

const connectors = await fuel.connectors();
console.log("available connectors", connectors);

Checking the currently selected connector

const currentConnector = fuel.currentConnector();
console.log("selected connector", currentConnector);

Changing the connector

const isSelected = await fuel.selectConnector("Fuelet Wallet");
console.log("isSelected", isSelected);

After selecting the “Fuelet Wallet” connector, you can start communicating with Fuelet app.

The communication is identical to the official Fuel wallet. The only thing you need to do to switch wallets is to select an appropriate connector. See the Fuel wallet API documentation here.

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